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August 3, 2016

3 Day-To-Night Styles You Have To Master

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Your client is looking gorgeous after a fresh cut and style, but just shared that she’s going out tonight and has to look hot. Of course you have some tricks up your sleeve, courtesy of ghd Ambassador (and BTC’s bridal expert) Stephanie Brinkerhoff! Master these day-to-night looks and you know your client will tell all her friends to come see you.


Look One: Low Knotted Bun
This is a great style for those gals looking for something sleek and sophisticated.



1. Apply texturizing powder or texturizing spray at the roots to help add grip and grit for bobby pins.

2. Straighten the hair with the ghd platinum styler from roots to ends.


1. Gather hair in a low ponytail, but on the last loop through the ponytail, don’t pull the hair all the way through the elastic. This creates a looped bun.

2. Use the last half of the hair (the hair that didn’t get pulled through the elastic) to wrap around the elastic, hiding it. Bobby-pin the ends in place.


Look Two: Fishtail Braid
This look is very versatile and can be dressed up or down, perfect for any event.



1. Use the ghd classic wave wand to create loose beach waves. Work in 2-inch sections and wrap them flat around the wand from the root, leaving the ends straight.

2. Curl in opposite directions to add more movement.


1. Divide the hair into two sections—the heavy side from the ear forward, then the rest of the hair.

2. Starting on the shallow side, create a fishtail braid that wraps across the back of the head, starting by the ear and ending by the other ear. Temporarily clip the braid aside.

3. Let down the heavy side and create another fishtail braid that sits along the hairline, going from the part down to the ear.

4. Once the two braids meet, carefully combine them together and finish by creating one fishtail braid that goes down the side, using all of the hair.


Look Three: Faux Undercut
This style is fun and a little edgy—perfect for a night on the town!



1. Curl the entire head using the ghd soft curve iron. This iron is 1.25 inches, perfect for a soft but bouncy curl, but if the hair is shorter, use the ghd classic curve iron instead.

2. Curl in opposite directions to add more movement.

3. Add spray wax through the ends to give the hair more texture.


1. Flip all of the hair over to one side. (It’s easiest to tilt the head to the side so the hair stays over to the desired side.)

2. Starting near the face, create a small Dutch braid that goes from the ear up to the parietal ridge near the face. Secure the end with bobby pins or an elastic.

3. Repeat this process, creating vertical Dutch braids as you work back toward the ear.

4. Backcomb the hair on the crown to give it more volume.

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