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August 5, 2016

3 Celeb Hair Looks Your Clients Beg For!

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Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Julianne Hough—three MEGA famous ladies with three very different styles. Here, Stephanie Brinkerhoff (ghd Ambassador and BTC’s bridal guru!) shows you how to recreate all three, so no matter who your client identifies with, you can give her the look she craves!


Taylor Swift’s Curls
When T.Swift became famous, she was almost just as famous for her girl-next-door curls. “I still love these curls, and they are easy to recreate,” Steph shares. “The key is to curl all of your hair in the same direction, then brush the curls out so they form a wave.” Steph’s tool of choice? The ghd creative curve wand. “Just make sure to hold the wand vertically as you curl, and then brush everything out at the end so it all blends and creates a natural-looking wave.”



Kate Middleton’s Royal Style
The Duchess of Cambridge is known for being classy and timeless. “This updo is one of my favorites that she has worn,” Steph says. “When recreating this look, it’s important to have the right hair type. If you aren’t careful, this braided updo can end up looking too beachy or Boho instead of classic. It helps to have healthy, silky hair when creating this style. And create your base first, then finish by wrapping the braids over the top of it in the back.”




Julianne Hough’s Trendy Updo
This is one of Steph’s most-requested bridal upstyles. “What brides love about it is how natural and voluminous it looks on top,” she says. “There isn’t a distinct part line—it almost has a windswept, tousled look on top.” Here’s how you get that look: curl all of the hair going straight back in Mohawk sections with the ghd classic curve iron. The secret? “Ignore the part as you curl,” Steph shares. “You don’t want to work with your part, you want to work against it, so once all of the Mohawk is curled, use your fingers to comb it out and loosely tousle it going to the opposite direction from where you normally part it. This gives you the volume and natural look that Julianne has.”


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