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November 6, 2017

2017 Aveda Global Fashionista Competition Winner Announced

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Aveda has announced Ronnie Prince—a Chicago-based stylist at Civello Salon—as the global winner of the 2017 Aveda Global Fashionista Competition, a photographic competition that showcases the creative talent of Aveda artists from all over the world. 


Honoring the vast global network of Aveda artists, the Fashionista Competition began in May, when Aveda network stylists and Aveda Institute students were invited to submit their hair and makeup fashion predictions for Autumn/Winter 2017. To enter the competition, artists created and photographed a look using only Aveda products and Aveda-mission-aligned materials. Submissions were judged on the total look, including cut, haircolor, styling and makeup.


This year, there were 24 winners from three regions: North America, Europe/Middle East and Asia. All winners were invited to Aveda’s Headquarters in Minnesota for a celebration weekend during Aveda’s Global Education Summit: “Inspire, Create, Change.” During the weekend’s Aveda Beauty Jam—held at the Minneapolis Convention Center—three regional winners were announced. From those three, the 2017 Aveda Global Fashionista was named.


All winners also got a tour of Aveda’s Headquarters and the historic Minneapolis Aveda Institute, spent time in the aroma lab with the head of Pure-fume Aroma, Guy Vincent, and participated in a hands-on workshop with Aveda artists Antoinette Beenders and Allen Ruiz. They also worked on an editorial photo shoot directed by Antoinette.


Ronnie, Mufide and Tan collaborated to shoot content for their own social media pages. 


At the shoot, winners were placed in teams of three to work collaboratively and create content for their own social media. “It was incredible to work on a team with the other winners to create a beautiful new look,” shares Ronnie. “My team included Mufide Turuc from Holland and Tan Siew Chin from Singapore. I’ve never experienced such a positive and supportive environment like I did at that photo shoot. I’ve connected with many finalists and we all became really close and never stopped smiling. It was beautiful.”


For more information, please visit aveda.com.

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