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August 25, 2015

2015 TIGI World Release a ‘Visual Feast of Creativity’

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2015 TIGI World Release featured dramatic haircolor, high-fashion styles, innovative techniques, signature Bed Head looks and, of course, world-class education from one of the most cutting-edge brands in the industry. But at the heart of it all was family. Not just the Mascolo family (who was brought together again on stage for the first time in years), but the family of more than 2,000 hairdressers who gathered at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on Monday to witness the unveiling of the brand’s 2016 collections.


Click here to watch the finale and pre-show webcast,
hosted by Mary Rector-Gable!


“World Release is the culmination of all things education, production, creativity and passion,” said Elisa Fischer, TIGI General Manager, Americas. “And those are all the things that are part of the D.N.A of TIGI.”



The unforgettable event was the result of months of prep and 17-hour workdays in the weeks leading up to the big day. But it all paid off with the release of the Bed Head, Catwalk, Copyright ©olour and S Factor campaigns, each showcasing the true creativity of the brand.


First up on the World Release stage was the brand’s Bed Head campaign, which marked the official launch (finally!) of Joyride, a “texturizing powder balm” three years in the making. Joyride is being touted as the most iconic TIGI product since the Bed Head Stick; perfect for creating that sexy, effortless, next-day hair—the ultimate Bed Head look.




During this presentation, the International Creative Team took the stage to introduce the new collection, which features on-trend cuts (mostly shaggy variations of the mullet, which the team says will continue to remain popular this season) and color (the lived-in look reigns supreme, but gold shades are also coming into fashion). The team demonstrated four original color techniques: Abstract Shading, Two-Tier Glazing, Base Shading and Marble Shading to achieve lived-in color effects using the new Copyright ©olour shades. 


At the front of the stage, Anthony Mascolo, TIGI Creative Director, shocked the audience by cutting and styling one of his signature undercuts…and then shaving it all off! “We’ve seen this in fashion magazines a lot recently, and every now and then someone has the guts to get it done on them,” Anthony said on stage as he buzzed his model’s platinum locks. Zak MascoloTONI&GUY Creative Director of the Americas, joined his uncle on stage during the Bed Head presentation, giving his model a disconnected, layered shag.



The crowd also saw looks from the Bed Head for Men collection—which featured everything from smooth skin fades and sleek undercuts to ’90s-inspired grunge. The men’s presentation brought Josh Mascolo, TIGI Academy Assistant, to the stage, who demonstrated a sexy, surfer-inspired cut. “We want to make it look like he just stepped out of the ocean and ran his fingers through his hair,” Josh said on stage.


Next up was Catwalk, which showcased the best looks seen on the runways of New York, London and Paris fashion weeks. These styles were high fashion, no doubt, but the TIGI educators demonstrated how to make them look salon-ready. Still, Anthony and U.S. Session Director Adriana Papaleo both emphasized that fashion hair is not necessarily meant to be “wearable”—it’s meant to inspire. “It grows your repertoire of work,” Anthony notes. 



Before the finale of the education segment, Anthony brought hairdressing icon Robert Lobetta to the stage. The two styling legends told the story of their “friendly rivalry” to the crowd. “Without Anthony to compete with, I probably wouldn’t be here today,” Robert said. Robert was also a guest artist for the grand finale that would take place later in the evening. 


TIGI’s glamorous, S Factor collection closed out part one of the show with a celebrity/paparazzi-inspired theme and a (we’re not kidding!) steamy, bathtub strip-tease.



Finally, it was time for the grand finale—a spectacle that can only be described (by Anthony himself) as a “visual feast of creativity.” Snakes, spiders, blood and fire served as inspiration for the unforgettable, nightmare-themed opening, which transitioned into a tribute to “Fifty Shades of Grey” and an eye-popping color finale.



As confetti fell from the ceiling following the incredible finish, Anthony said, “What happens now is the show is not finished. The show continues, and you are the show.”



*Photography courtesy of Alex Barron-Hough

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