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February 23, 2015

2 Elegant Oscars Upstyles from Bumble and bumble

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Two leading ladies, two unique (but equally gorgeous) red carpet styles! It seems like Marion Cotillard and Anna Kendrick were on every “best of Oscars beauty” list Monday morning—thanks in part to their flawless updos, courtesy of Bumble and bumble stylists Robert Vetica and Craig Gangi. Can’t wait to try out these winning looks in the salon? Robert and Craig dish on how to recreate them using their favorite bumble products.


Marion Cotillard: 20s Film Noir-Inspired Updo
Hair by Robert Vetica


1. Start with wet hair before applying Bumble and bumble Prep to detangle and moisturize.


2. Apply Thickening Full Form Mousse for volume and shine and strength to hold the set.


3. Create a low side part and blow-dry the hair in the direction of the style. Once the hair is dry, work Bb.Gel through the hair with your hands, applying it gently to begin shaping the look and style.


4. Brush the hair all to one side, combing and spraying with Classic Hairspray, perfecting and spraying as you pull the hair into a low side pony over the right ear.


5. Twist and pin the look to finish.


Anna Kendrick: Loosely-Tousled French Twist

Hair by Craig Gangi



1. Prime the hair with Bumble and bumble Prep, a great beginning for a perfect texture.


2. Spray hair with Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion, which enhances soft waves and adds a nice shine. Then diffuse the hair, which creates a bit of lift and wave.


3. After drying the hair, use a ½” curling iron to eliminate any frizz and polish the wave.


4. Section the hair from ear to ear and pull the back section into a French twist. Then pull the front of the hair section by section into the twist and pin into place.


5. Lock in the look with Does It All hairspray, which it has a light hold—perfect since Craig had to change Anna’s ‘do for her Into the Woods performance.