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December 30, 2019

10 Year Challenge: Stylists Look Back On Their Careers

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10 Year Challenge: The Best Hairdresser Throwbacks

Picture it: 10 years ago—MySpace dominated our social lives, Juicy Couture WAS athleisure, binge-watching TV was not a thing and our selfies were taken in front of a mirror with a DIGITAL camera! A lot has changed in a decade (and if we’re being honest) it was for the best. Just in case you thought you were the only one, we reached out to some of our hair friends to see how much they’ve changed in 10 years and WOW they came through. Scroll down for the ultimate hairdresser 10-year challenge—including some major transformations and heartwarming lessons! 


1. Larisa Love (@larisadoll) Joico Brand Ambassador 


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“This decade has turned my life upside down and back again. I never thought I would go from styling hair for free from Craigslist to traveling the world and becoming a Global Ambassador for Joico! Simply grateful and humbled to be the person this decade has made me into—the person I was meant to be all along!”


2. Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic) Schwarzkopf Professional tbh – true beautiful honest Team Member 


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“Ten years ago I was working in a tiny two-chair salon in my home country of Serbia. Five years ago I moved myself, my wife and our 8-month-old baby to the United States. I had to learn how to speak English and study again for my cosmetology license—I had to reinvent myself and learn how to be a hairstylist again. Three years ago I TOOK my first class—six months ago I TAUGHT my first class. I grew in this decade more than ever and I am grateful for all of the hardships and lessons it taught me.”


3. Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) Wella Professionals Hair Color Global Ambassador 


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“10 years ago I had just moved locations and was starting to build a new clientele. My husband and I had nothing to our names except our big dreams and deep passions! In just 10 years everything has changed—heck in ONE DAY everything can change. Faith, growth and reflection can help make that change so fulfilling.”



4. Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) Matrix Artistic Director and Ulta Beauty Pro Team


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“This decade was my worst personally but my best professionally. I think behind every dope woman is one hell of a story. We gain strength when we are handed the unimaginable and this past decade I channeled all my obstacles into opportunities.”


5. Buddy Porter (@buddywporter) Virtue Labs Brand Ambassador


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“The biggest thing that has changed for me in the last decade has been discovering a talent and passion for hair that I was unaware existed. It has opened my life up in so many ways—I’ve met friends that have become family, felt financially stable for the first time in my life. I travel the world to do my job and I am happy.”


6. Sean Godard (@seangodard) Global Redken Artist and Ulta Beauty Pro Team Member


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“10 years ago I took my first trip from Canada to participate in my first ever photo shoot collection for Redken. Now, I live in NYC and travel the globe working for Redken and Ulta Beauty.”


7. Rachel Williams (@rachelwstylist) Aloxxi Educator and ARC™ Scissors Artist


“Oh, man! 10 years seems like another lifetime! But also, a blink of an eye all at the same time.” – @rachelwstylist


“I can definitely say in the past 10 years life has taught me patience, humbleness, don’t take anyone or anything for granted and to love myself. I’ve grown so much in my career and realized the full power of the beauty industry. Not only do we heal others, but we also heal ourselves—and that is the very reason I decided to become an educator and give back to this community.”


8. Kayla Boyer (@kayla_boyer) PRAVANA Collective Member 


“I found my passion for hair and makeup at a young age shortly after the first photo was taken.” – @kayla_boyer


“This decade has changed my life! In the past decade I graduated beauty school and I’ve gained successes in my industry. I’ve also discovered my unique style and learned a lot about myself. This decade was amazing and I am so excited to see my future self in the next 10 years!”


9. Naemmah LaFond (@naeemahlafond) Global Artistic Director for amika 


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“There are three lessons I’ve learned this past decade that allowed me to go from the stylist in the basement to the stylist onstage:


  1. Confidence: “Believe in yourself and get out of your own way. I stopped letting my shyness hold me back and trained hard to become a public speaker. I did everything I could to push myself out of my comfort zone and go after what was mine! The best things in my career happened when I did things I wasn’t comfortable doing—close your eyes and jump!”
  2. Sacrifice: “You miss out on a lot of personal moments and milestones in order to be prepared and available for opportunities. I had to learn it is OK to make sacrifices and that your loved ones will understand and push you to go after your dreams.”
  3. Perseverance: “The journey to success isn’t going to be easy, you have to be a beast about your work ethic. You need tunnel vision when it comes to your dreams!”



10. Cassie Siskovic (@cassiskovic) National Artistic Director for Alfaparf Milano


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“This decade has been a decade of risks, hard work and stepping outside my comfort zone. I’ve received a college degree, spoke in front of thousands of stylists, educated in London, moved across the country, quit one job to become a boss woman in another. From the time I was an intern to a National Artistic Director for Alfaparf, bravery and support are the main themes of my past decade. I can’t wait for the next 10 years!”


11. Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair) TIGI® Professionals Brand Ambassador 


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“10 years ago I walked into beauty school and didn’t even know what a flat iron was. Now, 10 years later I am an artist for TIGI. I went from having to borrow money from my mom to being able to support my family with ease.”


12. Mickey Colon Jr. (@mickeycolonjr) TRUSS Professional Brand Ambassador 


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“Learn from every situation you encounter in life, stay humble and always remember where you started!”


13. Fern Andong (@fernthebarber) John Paul Mitchell Systems Global Platform Artist


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“This decade I went from assisting behind the scenes at hair shows to the one being on stage! I would say that social media was the tool that allowed me to share my craft with the world and really get my names out there. I feel like I’m just getting started and this is just the beginning!”


From all of us at BTC—Have a happy and healthy new year and new decade!