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Last updated: June 19, 2018

10 Steps That Will Make You a Better Stylist

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Do you want to go beyond just being a good stylist? Having the determination is the first step, but knowing how to achieve greatness can be tricky. Paul DiGrigoli, owner of DiGrigoli Salons and School of Cosmetology in West Springfield, Mass.asked himself long ago, “Why be a hairdresser?” He found the answer quite simple. “The possibilities are endless. Just follow the need for beauty.” 


In his highly acclaimed guide, “Booked Solid,” Paul provides a 10-step method to grow professionally and personally in order to be successful and increase your income. This guide offers suggestions on how to increase your profitability, balance life, and market yourself masterfully. Paul teaches you how to use your natural talents to boost your business while guiding you on how to become an outstanding hairstylist.



1. Have a Super Attitude.
I encourage you to have fun and be positive—people will seek you out. Happiness is contagious. Things will go wrong, that’s life, but it’s up to you to make choices on how to deal with challenges. Don’t have a blame list, just keep working hard and fuel your passion.


2. Be Excited About What You Do.
Feed your passion for our industry. Watch the latest trends, stay up-to-date and learn as much as you can. Make hairdressing an interest, a fascination, a hobby—something you love. Burn out is caused by boredom and repetition, so gain as much inspiration and creative curiosity as you can from magazines, DVDs, books and fashion programs.


3. Behave Like a Professional.
When you act like a professional, you demonstrate that you are a success. How do you behave like a professional?

  • Arrive to work 15 minutes early.
  • Be prepared for clients before they arrive.
  • Keep your space immaculate.
  • Look immaculate.
  • Dress the part, let your sense of style and creativity shine tastefully.
  • Always be courteous and nice.
  • Offer to help others when you can.
  • Be an asset to the salon with all of the above—inside and outside of work.


4. Be a Team Player.
You might be doing a fantastic job delivering premium services and building a loyal clientele, but what happens when other stylists in the salon have a bad attitude, use foul language, leave hair on the floor and keep messy stations. You know how it feels when someone isn’t a team player. Become the person you would want to work with in the salon. Don’t be lazy. Be willing to help others. Appreciate
your colleagues. When you all work together, the whole salon benefits.


5. Lead by Example.
Leaders don’t have to be told what to do, they’re self-starters. Your actions not only keep clients coming to you for services, but you inspire and motivate colleagues to become better co-workers. Make new coffee if you take the last cup. If the shampoo or conditioner dispensers become low, fill them. Clean out the refrigerator. Become a goal setter and prove it by taking the steps to achieve your goals, whether it is learning new up-styles, different color application techniques or improving your finishing skills, such as blow drying and smoothing.



6. Remember Your Clients.
When you wow your clients, go the extra mile and make them feel outstanding. Little things like remembering their name and being familiar with their history shows you care and take pride in your work. They will tell everyone they know, especially when they are stopped on the street and asked who does their hair.


7. Be a Great Hairdresser, Technically.
Even the best attitude won’t make you an outstanding hairdresser, if you can’t cut hair. Develop and refine your skills with education, training and practice, practice, practice! Learn techniques, and then apply them using your creativity.


8. Perform, Perform, Perform.
Outstanding hairdressers are in the top retail generating percentage group in the country. They go the extra step. The prices of your services are dictated by your personality, how well you communicate, and your skill level as a hairdresser. The more you know, the more you become valuable to a salon and the more money you will make.


9. Be Addicted to Education and Training.
As you learn new things, you have more to offer your clients—which help with client retention and word of mouth referrals. You have a wealth of knowledge that is ever-expanding, which makes you able to help any client that sits down in your chair. You aren’t tired or bored; your energy is endless, as is your enthusiasm. In turn, people will be attracted to you and all that you have to offer.


10. Self-Motivate.
One thing that is for certain, opportunity rarely comes and sits down in your lap. Even when it does, you don’t often recognize it. If you want to be an outstanding hairdresser, you need to search for success, hunt it down and grab hold. Look around your community and within the industry and see what makes you curious, makes you want to learn and grow. Your own success is your responsibility. You need to keep the motivation high.