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Business Articles
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Laughing all the Way to the Bank
These forward-thinking salon owners have rejected the "pretty picture" approach to salon marketing—opting for a more unconventional route to attract new clients.
Tis The Season To Be Green
Instead of the traditional glass ornaments, bows and tinsel, one salon in Austin, TX, is using cardboard product containers, old pages out of magazines and plastic shopping bags to decorate in a green, earth-friendly way.
Michael O'Rourke Is Going to Rock Your Hair...and Rock Your Business!
Michael O’Rourke has never played by the rules. Except for one. Throughout his long career, rule Michael has always strived to do whatever it takes to help hairdressers succeed. Now, with Rock Your Hair, he’s breaking all the rules in order to do just that.
Is Your Salon Wasting Color?
When you own a salon, every dollar matters. SureTint Technologies is an innovative salon software that controls your color costs and inventory, making your stylists' color applications more precise. See how celebrity stylist Martino Cartier's salon is saving $850 a week!
Salon Community Outreach – How to Make a Difference
“Building a strong, community presence generates trust, credibility, good will, employee and customer loyalty, along with name recognition. The most selfless acts are the most rewarding,” says John DiJulius, author of Secret Service. See how your salon can give back this holiday season.
Is a Salon Apprentice the Cleaning Crew?
You've worked hard in cosmetology school soaking up as much knowledge as you could. You’re anxious to get out on the floor and have your own clients, but first, you need an apprenticeship. But what if you don’t feel like you’re learning anything? Our BTC Members weigh in!
3 Questions You Must Ask Clients
“Customer service has expanded beyond just providing products and services in a friendly, efficient manner,” notes David Wagner, owner of award-winning Juut Salons in Minnesota and California. Here, David shares ideas on how to better understand the wants and needs of your clients by asking them 3 simple questions. Using the feedback you collect, you can make adjustments in your daily business practice that will increase your client loyalty and revenue.
5 Tips to Increase Client Retail Purchases
“What is it that makes us want to buy something we may or may not need? Even the customer least likely to buy retail in a salon wants to purchase something that will make them feel or look good,” notes Jeff Grissler. Whether you are looking for a new position in a different salon, a recent Cosmetology graduate, or wanting to step up your performance in your current salon, strong retail sales help make you a very desirable employee. Here are Jeff's top 5 tips for motivating your clients to buy.
Peter Coppola Hires New Director of Education!
Cultivating an inspiration for beauty takes experience, and when Peter Coppola Beauty was looking to hire a Director of Educational Development, they knew just who to call!
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