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Business Articles
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Phone Use Behind The Chair: What It’s Costing You
"I work in a full-service salon with great talent, but something is driving me insane…my coworkers talk on their cell phones WHILE WORKING ON CLIENTS! The worst offender is the owner! I overhear conversations all day long that are neither urgent, nor business related. Any suggestions on how to approach this subject?"
FHI Heat Wins 2014 Good Housekeeping Beauty Award
The FHI Heat Platinum Nano Weight Pro 1900 beat out 19 other hair dryers for fastest drying time, hottest, etc. in the 2014 Good Housekeeping Beauty Awards. According to, when it comes to getting hair dry, the FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro 1900 blows the competition away.
Why YOU Need to Lead
If you intend to leap into ownership of a salon or spa, you must understand the meaning of LEADERSHIP. If you don't, it might mean the difference between having a successful business with great employees or dooming your venture to failure. Neil Ducoff shows you how to be a great leader!
jcp salons Introduce "The American Woman"
She comes from L.A., New York, Chicago and New Orleans. She’s stylish, sassy and sophisticated.  She’s the American Woman, and she’s also the inspiration for the Fall/Winter Trend Collection, created by the talented team of artists at jcp salons. Learn more!
Keep Your Styling Business Thriving This Fall
The bulk of wedding season might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't keep your styling business thriving in the fall. BTC's resident styling and bridal expert, Stephanie Brinkerhoff, talks trends and shares advice for attracting younger clients to your chair.
The Cost of Beauty is GOING UP!
As the cost of everything keeps rising...when is the right time to raise your salon prices? There are two camps of thought when it comes to this issue, the ones who feel you should post a sign and let your loyal clients know of the price increase ahead of time, and those that feel "mum's the word." So when it's time to raise your prices, what's the best approach?
7 Tips for Retaining Clients In a Salon Studio
You may think that a salon's success comes from its image, but it all comes down to client retention. And when you own a boutique salon, this is especially important. Here are seven helpful tips for keeping your current clients and attracting new clientele to your chair.
New Barbicide Education Program Helps Keep Salons Clean
4 Hot Business Boosters
Is your business in a rut? Does your marketing need a makeover? Even the most successful salons can benefit from a little boost now and then, which is why the team at Colortrak have four no-fail ways to do just that!
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