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Goldwell KMS California Academy Opening Soon in NYC!
Goldwell KMS California Academy Opening Soon in NYC! Tthe new Goldwell KMS California Academy in the heart of New York’s Meatpacking District. Slated to open its doors in June 2014, this design forward 6500 square foot space will be the brand’s newest East Coast flagship academy!
5 Tips on How To Capture Feedback for Growth
Is your salon in demand? Eric Fisher shares 5 tips for keeping your salon running at top speed and efficiency.
Tips for Making First Impressions Count
Sometimes you only get one chance to make a great first impression on a client. Ensure their satisfaction and future business with these 10 tips from John DiJulius in his highly acclaimed book, Secret Service.
10 Tips to Attract a Male Clientele
The “elusive male” client? He’s outta here. Guys today, especially the younger ones, like visiting the salon and are into their hair for sure. So if you’re not getting your share, it’s time to shape up. Make your salon a man magnet with these tips!
The Pros and Cons of Salon Retailing
As a salon owner, you are forced to make a lot of hard decisions. One of those is determining what retail to carry. Neil Ducoff helps weigh the pros and cons of becoming a single line versus multiple line salon.
Google Glass Ups the Ante with Education!
Matrix announces the Matrix Class For Glass Advantage: World Class Education Benefits From World Class Technology.
Matrix launches "Programs of Passion"
Matrix introduces Programs of Passion—a series of education programs which allow Matrix Artistic Directors and Designers to craft unique sessions around the topics and techniques that reflect their personal passions.
Breaking News: Reuben Carranza Named President of R+Co
After an illustrious 24 year career with the multinational giant P&G, including eight years as CEO North America of Wella, The Professional Salon Division of P&G, noted industry leader Reuben Carranza is going “rogue.” See what's he's up to now!
8 Questions to Help you Find the Right Salon Fit for you!
Whether you’re just out of school or looking to make a change, finding the salon that “fits” is important. Here are eight things to consider as you conduct your search.
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