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Business Articles
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Millennium Confirms National Education Tour
Millennium Systems International is excited to announce its first ever educational tour for all beauty industry professionals, titled Speak Up, to be held in-house at the Millennium Headquarters in NJ, on November 17th. Get all the details!
Business: Social Media = FREE Advertising
In her second BTC exclusive hit webinar, Updo Trends & Techniques, Steph encourages stylists to use social media because after all, it’s free advertising! Below she shares important tips on how to keep it professional and effective.
The Ins and Outs of Owning a Boutique Salon
So you want to go out on your own, but can’t afford to open your own salon. No problem, a salon studio, like Sola Salon Studios, might be the place for you. YOU get to be the boss and make all the decisions, including setting your own schedule, picking what products to carry and decorating the space to fit your personal style. Sounds pretty good, right? But how do you successfully make it in a salon suite? We reached out to six successful Sola Salon Studios owners to find out just how they made the transition from a commissioned salon environment to a studio, and what they did to make their businesses thrive.
11 Real Business Success Strategies from a Really Successful Salon
More than 300 MINDBODY users got down to serious business at the company’s first ever Bold Conference, held seaside in Santa Monica, CA. Attendees sponged up amazing business information from savvy MINDBODY executives.  So in the spirit of “friendship,” here are 11 business tips and best practices from some very successful salon owners! 
Cut & Color...Can They Be Happy Together?
No matter what salon you work in, there are always different set ups and rules to abide by. For instance, you might have to share your station with another stylist and, in some cases, your clients. So what do you do when the colorist and stylist butt heads? See what our BTC members had to say!
Did Allure Go Too Far?
We were appalled at the tone and criticism toward the hairdressing community in the March issue of Allure magazine, which printed an open letter to "fancy salons" that charge a separate fee for blowouts after a color application. So listen up, Allure—this is a sample of what thousands of our members, and probably now some Allure ex-subscribers, had to say in response!
LIVE Webcast With KMS® California
Join Simon Miller, KMS® California Hair Care National Technical Trainer, and Michael Noragon, National Artistic Director, live from NYC as they share their latest STYLE OBSESSIONS straight from the Fashion Week runway. LIVE on October 2nd!
The Color-Saving System That Will Amp Up Your Haircolor Business!
there's a new technology on the block that will revolutionize and change your color business—forever! Learn how one salon owner integrated SureTint Technologies and saved her haircolor business 40 percent in just three short months.
Gamify Your Salon!
Remember how excited you were in elementary school when you received a gold star for a task or job well done? In essence, that’s gamification. Today, the Gamification concept is growing rapidly, as businesses look to find new ways to engage employees. Gamification is the hottest term in 2014 and for a good reason. Find out all the ways "gamifying" your salon can benefit your business!
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