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Hair Color Articles
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Multi-Tonal Purple
This vibrant purple hue offers a tone-on-tone color shift that is sure to turn heads. The artist behind this vibrant shade—well, that would be Jessica Davis from COLOR Salon by Michael Boychuck Salon located inside Caesar's Palance in Las Vegas, NV. Here's how she created this multi-tonal purple hue. 
B(L)ack to Blonde — A Boxed Haircolor Story
"My client came in with black box ‘dye’ in her hair and asked to become a Level 9 blonde. At this point, I have stripped and lightened her hair with an ultra-lift ash. Now she is a Level 7 with orange and yellow tones. What next?”
Dark-Bright Violets
Are your clients looking for a way to get out of a dark-hair slump? BTC Fan Candice Alice knew the perfect way to brighten up one of her "dark" clients with a perfect pop of blended purples! Here's how she got the look!
Purple Royalty Color Formula
Purple hair continues to grow in popularity, whether it’s lilac, lavender, plum or this deep eggplant from BTC Member Lacie Blancher. She used Pravana VIVIDS to create this perfect shade of deep purple that is sure to wow all of your violet vixens.
Mocha Swirl Color Formula
Looking to add just a dash of warmth to your brunette for the holiday season? Give her the mocha swirl treatment! Here's the formula!
Purple Fusion
This multi-tonal purple makes for the perfect blend of plum and orchid. Stylist Cathy Tran  draws inspiration from everywhere. This particular color palette was inspired by Cathy's favorite childhood memory, Lisa Frank. Her finished look was so impressive that it caught the eye of Joico International Artistic Director, Sue Pemberton and won her the Joico Color Intensity Contest. Get her custom formula!
Multi-Colored Peek-a-Boo
Ian Michael Black, Aveda's Global Artistic Director for Haircolor, is a travelin’ man; he picks up inspiration everywhere on the planet! For this unique color melt, created for Aveda’s Master Jam 2014 in London, his observations of the colorful tribal clothing of Africa’s Masai Mara sparked his creativity. The result? A dazzling color melt in tones of periwinkle, tomato red and violet, peeking through a creamy, blonde base. Get his formula!
White-Hot Winter Blonde Color Formula
From the red carpet to the catwalk to your everyday clients, those frozen platinum blondes are on BTC’s winter trend forecast, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So grab your Olaplex and toner and get to work! Here’s BTC Member Olesia Vabishchevich’s  gorgeous take on the trend!
Beth Minardi's Q&A For Color Pros! Opaque colors, Transforming White Hair & Avoiding Damage
Here's more of what you've been waiting for! Real answers to real questions from the color queen herself. Beth Minardi is a virtual encyclopedia of haircolor knowledge and shares her know-how by answering your toughest color questions.
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