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Hair Color Articles
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RED HOT: Fiery Purple-to-Pink Color Melt
Sarah Mastandrea of FABU Salon and Spa in Newton, MA ups the "wow" factor with this fiery purple-to-pink color melt. Although getting the look was a very delicate and time-consuming process, the color speaks for itself!  
Fill 'Er Up!
When making the transition from blonde to brunette, can a stylist color over the fillers or must the fillers be rinsed out each time? Members of the BTC community weigh in with suggestions that may change the way you color!
Balayage Waterfall
Sarah Mastandrea of FABU Salon and Spa enhanced the brightness around her client's face, offset by a rich gold canvas, creating a stunning, multi-tonal balayage waterfall!
Strawberry Chocolate Sombré
Chelsea Caruso, of Gerber Salon in Keyport, NJ, is no stranger to hair painting. Her soft, face-framing balayage technique has been a huge hit with BTC fans. Here, she updates a grown out ombré with a sultry, hot red color that demands to be noticed. Here's how she did it!
Ask Beth! Common Color Questions—Answered!
Tricky situations often arise in salons, especially when it comes to color. So where do you turn when your clients want their color formulas or when they claim to have "virgin" hair, when they clearly don't? Beth Minardi comes to the rescue and offers some sound advice for tackling these tricky situations.
Multi-Tonal Purple
This vibrant purple hue offers a tone-on-tone color shift that is sure to turn heads. The artist behind this vibrant shade—well, that would be Jessica Davis from COLOR Salon by Michael Boychuck Salon located inside Caesar's Palance in Las Vegas, NV. Here's how she created this multi-tonal purple hue. 
Purple Glam
Looking for a new twist on classic purple hue? This amethyst-colored gem blends violet and magenta together to create a multidimensional shade. Inspired by her client's vivid personality, stylist Dianne Burgos created this super fun look. Here's how she did it.
Trending: Base Blend
What could be better than melting ice blonde with a pastel lilac? Yeah, we couldn't think of anything either! t's a new twist on blonde, and a great way to play with subtle pops of color. Here's the top-secret "recipe."
Hand-Painted Chocolate
Brunettes are stunning no matter what the season. But when you infuse a dark base with  melted chocolate/mocha and auburn tones—they're even better!  Here's the delicious "recipe" for this rich, chocolate blend.
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