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Hair Color Articles
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Corrective Color: 5 MORE Things You Should Know
When she walks in to your salon looking like a hot mess, you have to fight the urge to cringe. Now it's time to show your stuff. Your client is depending on you to help and you're more than up for the challenge! You already know the first 5, but here are 5 MORE tips for a perfect color correction.
Color Formula: Seamlessly Sun-Kissed
Are your blondes in need of a midsummer color refresher? Add a ray of sunshine to their locks with the NEW TIGI® copyright©olour Copper and Gold shades.
Color Formula: Warm, Sun-Kissed Dimension
A deep, rich brunette color enhances and accentuates the overall sun-kissed, warm tones of this color combo achieved using the NEW TIGI® copyright©olour Copper and Gold shades.
The Reality of Color Jumping
A year ago she went through a messy breakup and mended her broken heart with pink hair. Then she saw Kylie Jenner and demanded her electric blue hue. Now she’s eyeing a bright red. You love her chameleon tendencies, but frequently switching from one extreme color to another isn’t always possible. Here’s how to stay in control with all of your color shifting clients.
Chrome Waves
When her client came to her with two inches of solid regrowth asking for a change, Eva Lam knew just what to do. She mixed up this gorgeous gray on the fly, creating a dark steel base that melts seamlessly into a soft, misty silver. Here's how she did it!
Throwback Thursday: Sienna's Sweet Blonde
No one does a soft, beachy blonde quite like Sienna Miller. Whether short or long, curly or straight, she keeps it bright and beautiful. And in 2012, she was sporting her signature look—a dark, smoky root blended seamlessly into a smooth, sweet blonde. Here's how you get it.
Jennifer Aniston's Golden, Dimensional Blonde
It’s no surprise that clients request Jennifer Aniston’s haircolor more than any other celebrity—it’s natural-looking, multidimensional and fresh, and it complements a wide variety of skin tones. Her go-to colorist Justin Anderson shares his top-secret formula!
Damage Control: A Color Revival
After five hours, Chloe Dela Merced of Salon Tease in Naples, FL repaired weather-damaged tresses into a smooth shade of cocoa. Here's how she did it!
6 Tips & Formulas For The Most Profitable Color Service On The Planet
If you’re just starting out your career as a colorist, here’s a piece of advice—master the art of beautiful, natural-looking, fashionable gray coverage, and you’ll never have to wonder whether you’ll be busy a week from Tuesday. You’ll be as busy as you want to be! Here’s how to create red carpet-quality color for the 40 and 50+ crowd—as recreated by six color pros!
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