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Hair Color Articles
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16 Secrets to Seamless Balayage from George Papanikolas
“Whether they’re celebrities, models or regular salon clients, women all want the same thing,” declares Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas. “They want hair that’s healthy, modern and effortless.” Get his 16 tips for your best balayage!
Dark Berry & Wine Melt
A sinfully stunning raspberry melts beautifully into a dark, black violet creating a berry-toned ombré. Learn Ashley Pac's color formula for this berry-rich hue!
Smoky Violet...Dusty Rose
This decadent hue incorporates plum and raspberry tones, creating a deep, multidimensional shade. When her client decided to lighten up her dark purple base, but still wanted to maintain some of the vibrant hue, stylist Kendi Sullinger gave her the best of both worlds and created this smoky purple to peachy pink color melt! Here's how she did it!
Pastel Waterfall Color Formula
Luscious Lavender, Blissful Blue, Yellow Amarillo, Mystical Mint and Pink Rosa come together in this magical, multi-tonal pastel from Rickey Zito. Finished with a halo braid and some gorgeous curls, this look is truly one of a kind!
Vanilla Ice Color Formula
Marissa Neel wanted to give her natural brunette client a cool, blonde makeover—with an added twist. Marissa’s beautiful, vanilla blonde is warmer than a platinum, but still icy enough to give us the chills! See her color formulas and how-to! 
Ask Beth: Covering Gray, Achieving a Lightest Neutral Beige and Transforming Red Box Color To Blonde
Covering gray. Achieving a lightest neutral beige. Transforming red box color to blonde. Understanding the difference between liquid and crème demi-permanent color. These color situations often arise in the salon, but thankfully Beth Minardi is here to help you solve even the trickiest of problems. Find out what Beth would do to solve these haircolor dilemmas!
Pink Lemonade Color Formula from CHI
Bring back summer! With CHI’s newest color creation—Rock your Pink. A little bit punk, a little bit pretty, this vibrant, pink hue will wow all your summer-loving clients. Get the color formulas here!
Highlighting Minors?
We’ve all been there—a mother and daughter don’t agree on how to do the daughter’s hair, and you’re caught in the middle. Bridal looks, special occasions, or even a simple color change can all cause drama—but what if the daughter is underage? See what the BTC Community had to say!
Crimson & Clover Color Formula
When a client came to Cindy Bui of Studio 1514 in Dallas, TX, looking for a change, Cindy knew the perfect way to add depth, dimension and shimmering color to her client’s ho-hum hair. See how adding sultry, red ombré and extensions completely changed the look! Here's how she did it.
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