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Hair Color Articles
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B(L)ack to Blonde — A Boxed Haircolor Story
"My client came in with black box ‘dye’ in her hair and asked to become a Level 9 blonde. At this point, I have stripped and lightened her hair with an ultra-lift ash. Now she is a Level 7 with orange and yellow tones. What next?”
Purple Royalty Color Formula
Purple hair continues to grow in popularity, whether it’s lilac, lavender, plum or this deep eggplant from BTC Member Lacie Blancher. She used Pravana VIVIDS to create this perfect shade of deep purple that is sure to wow all of your violet vixens.
Mocha Swirl Color Formula
Looking to add just a dash of warmth to your brunette for the holiday season? Give her the mocha swirl treatment! Here's the formula!
Purple Fusion
This multi-tonal purple makes for the perfect blend of plum and orchid. Stylist Cathy Tran  draws inspiration from everywhere. This particular color palette was inspired by Cathy's favorite childhood memory, Lisa Frank. Her finished look was so impressive that it caught the eye of Joico International Artistic Director, Sue Pemberton and won her the Joico Color Intensity Contest. Get her custom formula!
10 Color Scenarios with Beth Minardi: Techniques and Formulas
Beth Minardi recently stopped by the 'Windy City' to teach a hands-on class on all things color. At the gorgeous BTC Academy, Beth shared tips, tricks, and these 10 sticky color situations—and how to solve them!
Transformation: From Brown to Blonde
Drawing inspiration from the A-list celebrity shade shifters, celebrity colorist Marie Ferro was ready to take on her client Chloe's request for lighter locks (P.S., Chloe is famous songstress Olivia Newton-John's daughter!). Marie transformed her from a chocolate brown into a rich buttery blonde. Best of all, this major color shift was featured in New Beauty magazine! "The blonde brought a brightness to Chloe's face that added softness and glamour to the shoot," notes Marie. Get her formula and bridal styling how-to!
Transformation: Paint the Town Red
Actress and model Alyssa wanted to take her look from simple to sassy, so she enlisted the help of BTC Member Melissa Meacham of Rogue Hair Studio. Melissa gave her what she calls a “wake up and rock it” style, and from the looks of it, she’s doing just that!
Ask Beth! Rich Lowlights, Fading Reds & Creating Rich Auburns
Lowlights, wimpy reds and hot roots. Any of these color conundrums ring a bell? Beth Minardi offers sensible, workable, successful solutions-like always!  
Never Underestimate Your Power to Transform!
Completely changing your look can be scary, but it can also be a very welcome and exiting experience. Not only does the client get an upgrade, but the stylist gets to try something different and new. This is what happened when ProRituals Creative Director, Terrence Michael Renk, and Bodyography Cosmetics Makeup Artist, Kelly McGowan teamed up to create a beautiful transformation that gave the client a new, youthful look, yet didn’t completely change who she was. Here's how they did it!
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