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Hair Color Articles
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Ask Beth: Covering Gray, Achieving a Lightest Neutral Beige and Transforming Red Box Color To Blonde
Covering gray. Achieving a lightest neutral beige. Transforming red box color to blonde. Understanding the difference between liquid and crème demi-permanent color. These color situations often arise in the salon, but thankfully Beth Minardi is here to help you solve even the trickiest of problems. Find out what Beth would do to solve these haircolor dilemmas!
Pink Lemonade Color Formula from CHI
Bring back summer! With CHI’s newest color creation—Rock your Pink. A little bit punk, a little bit pretty, this vibrant, pink hue will wow all your summer-loving clients. Get the color formulas here!
Highlighting Minors?
We’ve all been there—a mother and daughter don’t agree on how to do the daughter’s hair, and you’re caught in the middle. Bridal looks, special occasions, or even a simple color change can all cause drama—but what if the daughter is underage? See what the BTC Community had to say!
Crimson & Clover Color Formula
When a client came to Cindy Bui of Studio 1514 in Dallas, TX, looking for a change, Cindy knew the perfect way to add depth, dimension and shimmering color to her client’s ho-hum hair. See how adding sultry, red ombré and extensions completely changed the look! Here's how she did it.
Frozen Blonde
Inspired by the hit Disney film Frozen, Joseph Cuozzo, Owner of Zion The Hair Salon and Cuozzo Studio for Hair in Madison, NJ, created this icy blonde hue that is sure to score major points with the blondes in your chair. Here's how he created the icy, cool hue!
How-To: Break the Base
If you’re still wondering what the heck breaking the base is, listen up! BTC Member Jose Garcia is here to show you how to perfect the service, so you can keep all your clients' color fresh and fabulous!
Concrete Blonde (On Level 3 Hair)
Inspired by how well his Frozen Blonde color came out, Joseph Cuozzo, Cuozzo Studio for Hair, Oranjestad Aruba (Opening January 1st!) and Owner of Zion The Hair Salon in Madison, NJ, decided to create a progression of his frozen blonde hue. By infusing any icy blonde with highlights of icy teal, Joseph was able to create his multidimensional, Concrete Ocean shade. Best of all, Joseph was able to achieve this color on Level 3 hair!
Dark Bright Blend
We at BTC have noticed that the pastel and bright color shades of the summer are transforming into blended creations where the base is dark and the midlengths and ends are bright. Take this rich, deep plum, which melts beautifully into a bold fuchsia. Inspired by a candy confection, Natasha Comensoli from The Fox & The Hair Salon in Wollongong, Australia, wanted the look to be bright and fun, while still keeping some depth at the roots. Here's how she did it!
Announcing the 2014 Winner of Pravana's "Show Us Your VIVIDS" Contest
The wait is finally over, Pravana has announced the winner in the Pravana "Show Us Your VIVIDS" Contest. See who won an editorial-style photo shoot in L.A.!
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