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Don't Worry, Clip Happy
You might be an awesome stylist, but we have to break it to you—without topnotch cutting tools, your talent is limited. So how can you tell if your clippers are amateur? We asked the experts who helped us cut through the clutter of misinformation, so you can fill your station with the best of the best.
Scissor Sisters - Finding the Perfect Set
Take away your shears and you are out of business. But it’s not simple enough to pick up a trusty pair that has been kicking around the salon since before you were born. Time for an upgrade! Here's what you should look for. 
6 America's Beauty Show Classes to Boost Your Business!
America’s Beauty Show, March 22-24, at McCormick Place, in our hometown of Chicago, is only a few weeks away. The whole BTC team can hardly wait! In addition to our annual BTC Stylist Choice Awards, we encourage you to select from the more than 100 classes and workshops to complete your America’s Beauty Show experience! For business building, look for the double-header with Jerry & Karen Gordon, let Repêchage’s Lydia Sarfati upgrade your customer service, or have Frank Gironda show you how to stop color waste. To keep track of it all, download the Americas Beauty Show app!
8 Tips for Choosing the Right Cutting Tool for the Job
Choosing the right cutting or styling tool for the job means the difference between an average cut or a phenomenal one, so choose carefully! If you struggle with decisions like reaching for a razor or texturizing shears, or grabbing a comb or a brush, maybe it’s time to retool your strategies. Fernando Romero, salon owner and founder of BioIonic, offers eight tips for selecting the right tool for every job.
BUSTED! Feds Seize 21,000 Counterfeit FHI Heat Ceramic Flat Irons
FHI Heat has a message for counterfeiters: Don’t even think about it.
Blow Dryer 101: Advice for Choosing the Right Dryer
With an ever-growing array of hair appliances on the market, something as seemingly simple as shopping for a new professional hair dryer can turn into an arduous task. From high-end to low-end, many tools across a category often make similar claims with science-based vocabulary. How do you know what's what? Take out your notebook and a #2 pencil because it's time for Cricket Company's Blow Dryer 101:     
Le Posh Salon Wins Takara Belmont's Third Quarter Cutting Edge Design Competition
The way a salon is designed speaks volumes about your salon’s philosophy and what a client can expect. Just take a look at Le Posh Salon and Spa, the winner of Takara Belmont’s Cutting Edge Design competition for the third quarter of 2011, and you’ll see what we mean.
MEMBERS ONLY: Are Robots Stealing Salon Jobs?
Yes, you read that headline right—robots are invading the hair industry.  According to a story from The Daily Mail, Panasonic has invented the “first robotic hairdresser,” which uses advanced robotic “fingers” to wash hair.
Go Pink or Go Home: 16 Products to Support Breast Cancer Awareness
It’s true: we in the beauty industry support one another however we can—and that includes manufacturers. That support couldn’t be more evident than during Breast Cancer Awareness month, when companies and manufacturers release special editions of their most popular products. Take a look at just a few of the products these companies have to offer, and see how you can help.
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